I just watched I Pet Goat, II for the first time after reading about it online today and the final frames of “Jesus” floating away from the crumbling church struck me as profound.

For those people who are intrinsically motivated to treat life as a constant search for knowledge/spirituality/meaning, there is not a fundamental need for a church any more as anything other than a facilitator for growth in a chosen path. Church is necessary in order to reinforce a belief or a lifestyle that one has already deemed or understood to be good or true. This same function, however, can be accomplished with a network of people throughout your own personal network, which can be global. This idea explains the de-regionalization of belief systems across the world.

The fluidity and widespread availability of information and knowledge has led to limitless opportunities and vehicles to find the truth, although there is certainly much more filth to sift through in order to find it. Any culture in the world could logically provide its citizens/voters with a wealth of unadulterated information, albeit from different points of view.

Therefore, it is unfathomable to me that many nations/peoples/cultures still don’t have the opportunity to be candidly informed. China, for example, has access to the same information technology as the U.S., yet Chinese citizens still can’t provide themselves with the same support and feedback online in China as you can in America. The government has successfully censored the internet, something we absolutely cannot allow to happen in the U.S. We need to be active in our protection of the internet because the development of information availability represents the proliferation of our own personal beliefs.

The ability to find like-minded communities and intellectual counterparts who can strengthen and/or challenge the framework of our belief systems are continuously, and possibly eternally at war, with a powerful agenda that seeks to dumb us down and feed us misinformation.

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