Some Prose: Floating

Floating in thin air.

I finally understand what that means. There’s not much to hold you up. It took all the strength I had to make it here, but now I am not sure it was strength at all. Some people seem to be able to hold the whole world on their shoulders. Where do they find that strength? What am I missing? What was I missing, I should say. I made one terrible mistake and I should have dealt with it. I let my tower crumble. I should have made peace with myself, but that would have consisted of reaching out to other people. Whenever I bring other people into the equation, it always seems like I lose control of the situation. Maybe I didn’t have much control in the first place.

I really should have talked to Mom. I should have talked to Dad. I should have talked to Her.

I try to console myself. I am leaving all my faults behind.

Only a few people on the ground have noticed me falling. I am grateful that there is no one directly below me. This has been the longest 10 seconds of my life. I really wish they weren’t the last. I wish this were a dream! I wish I could fall awake. I hope they all find consolation in my letter. They won’t though. A tear streams down my face, then my world goes black.

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One Response to Some Prose: Floating

  1. Alex says:

    Theres gotta be better solutions to dealing with problems than jumping without a parachute. Gotta learn to lean on those around you, bud

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